SPORTS articles

Tiger Pounds against Bulls Pounds

Girls Weightlifting has started and their third competition was against Parrish High School. During the two training weeks before the competition, their goal was to get stronger. Marlei Brown, a sophomore in Palmetto High weightlifting, was interviewed before the competition. She “knew that Parrish didn’t have a big team and I knew it wouldn’t be

The World Cup

The 2022 world cup was definitely one for the books. This game lasted from Nov. 20, 2022 through Dec. 18, 2022. The final game was Argentina vs. France, with Argentina taking the win with a 4-3 score. This game is very popular with people all around the world routing for different teams and tuning in

Up and Coming Football Players

Every year, our football team gets a new roster of players, each with amazing talents. This year, we got an insight on some of the top prospects from our school. They spoke on what it’s like to play on a team, have your talent be recognized, and what they have to say to other up

Palmetto’s first basketball game

                Palmetto High School’s first game was not the best, they came up short against IMG, 71-69, but it was a tough game for the tiger because IMG was making all of their shots.  Amos Gass lead the team with 21 points and he conveyed that “We played to the best of our ability as

Girl Soccer Season Kick Off

       The girls soccer team just kicked off and is already off to a good start. They had their first game on Nov 7th 2022 against Bayshore High School. The girls took the win with a score of 8-0. How do these girls work together in order to win these games? Yazmeen Anderson, junior defender, stated,

Veterans Day Parade

Palmettos JROTC program march to honor our veterans. November 11th is a day that America comes together to honor the people who have passed or present served for the United States military. On this day in 1918, World War 1 came to an end. The end of a long and beating war, a war where

Taking The Homecoming Win

On Friday, October 14, Palmetto High and Lakewood Ranch High went head-on-head in a game that everyone looks forward to throughout the year. Palmetto High School celebrated their drastic win against Lakewood at the Homecoming game. The tigers ended with more than 5 touchdowns ahead of Lakewood. In quarter one, Palmetto scored the first touchdown

Basketball upcoming season

The senior Yahshiyah “Biscuit” Jones had the time to talk about the upcoming season and how he feels about his new teammates, teams, and he thinks he can affect the team and a positive way to win more games. He expressed that “I could bring a lot to the team”. And also the player Yahshiyah

Relationships Between Cheerleaders and Football Players

The cheerleaders and football players show their support for each other by participating in before and after game activities to better their bonds.  In 1954 the first cheer team cheered for their football team to “boost school spirit”.  Deandre Berry, a player on the Palmetto football team tells us, “Crowd involvement and cheerleaders cheering gives

Lost in the Rain

Fifth game in and the Tigers have got themselves another loss, this time against the Sarasota Sailors. The score was 7-16, with player #1, Adonise Moise, getting their first and only touch down in the game. Coach Marino states “We are not consistent…in some plays somebody does something really good and in the same play