Tip your caps to the grads…

As we all know, graduation is coming up and within the next few months we all have to prepare for this big event. For the students, graduation looks like having your family fly in or come to graduation, pick the nicest outfit to wear under your gown, and make sure everyone has a ticket. But,

Spider-Man NWH Review

Spider-Man no way home, is a movie that will be talked about and remembered for a very long time. This movie was everything that every marvel fan wanted to see, especially Stan Lee (RIP) the creator of marvel. This movie pulled every string of emotion that it could to keep you on the edge of

Thanksgiving classics…

As we all know, the holidays are coming up and one of the best parts of the holidays is the food. Well, at least for me the food is the cherry on top! That’s when it got me wondering what my peers’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes are! *Disclaimer: This is a survey taken within our newspaper

Change in Weather

Palmetto, Fl definitely got to see a change in the weather this week. We are so use to it being very hot. However this week we did have to grab a jacket and even an umbrella. It has been in the low 60’s this week, which wasn’t too bad. Most Floridians look forward for this

Travel And Tourism Fundraising…

At Palmetto High School, the AICE Travel and Tourism classes are currently participating in individual fundraising, to support the trips they will be participating in with fellow students. Fundraiser programs include candy bar selling, drink purchases, optional chip bags, and more. The purpose of these fundraising events throughout the school day is to lower the

Gas Prices

Everyone has heard about the increase of gas prices, either from their parents complaining or their bank account being lower than usual. My truck takes about 21 gallons of gas and the prices are about $3.20 per gallon. Every time I’ve gotten gas recently it has been $57 for 17 gallons. If the prices were

Raiders go to States

On Saturday the 30th, one day before Halloween, both of Palmetto’s raider teams placed first at the district meet and cinched their spots in the state competition. Each team nearly swept, placing first in each event except for one.  This is a major turn around from their first meet of the season, where the team

Atlanta Braves Win World Series!

If you are a die hard baseball fan, you know that the month of October is dedicated to post-season baseball. Post-season leads up to a World Series being won by either a National League or American League team. This year, the match-up was between the Houston Astros of the American League and the Atlanta Braves