The Big Bad Musical: Auditions this February!

The Spring play is rolling around the corner, except this time it’s even more special for Palmetto High School. The production will be “The Big Bad Musical”, one about the Big Bad Wolf going to trial for accusations from fable characters like Red Riding Hood. Auditions will be held in the old auditorium right after

On Campus


Not Ghetto Palmetto

Recently, as many are aware, Palmetto High has been gifted with a technology grant. With this grant, teachers who do not have access to a ceiling projector received smart TVs. The 65 inch smart TVs have taken over many Palmetto classrooms. This grant has allowed Palmetto to take a step in the right direction and


Lifesaving DIY Face Masks for Beauty Emergencies

Everyone has woken up and dealt with a surprise bad skin day, and they can certainly ruin anyone’s mood on an important day. But fear not, fellow students, for there is a solution for all those annoying skin tendencies. To mattify oily skin, use this banana and lemon mask:  3 tsp. mashed banana, 1/2 tsp honey, and

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