Watches: Telling Time or Fashion?

We are at a time where almost everyone owns at least one watch. Many all around are marking their Christmas lists asking for their favorite whether it be Michael Kors, Fossil, Invicta or any other big watch company. The purpose behind a watch is obvious- telling time. But lately it seems as if that is

On Campus


Domestic Dispute Sends Palmetto Schools into Lockdown

A domestic dispute on Bayshore in Palmetto, Florida caused Palmetto High and Lincoln middle to be on lockdown for over four hours across the span of one school day. The situation began early Wednesday morning when convicted felon, Bobby Sharpe, and his Ex-girlfriend got into an argument in a rest area near the Skyway Bridge.


Lifesaving DIY Face Masks for Beauty Emergencies

Everyone has woken up and dealt with a surprise bad skin day, and they can certainly ruin anyone’s mood on an important day. But fear not, fellow students, for there is a solution for all those annoying skin tendencies. To mattify oily skin, use this banana and lemon mask:  3 tsp. mashed banana, 1/2 tsp honey, and

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