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Summer Excitement

Summer Excitement

As summer approaches, students are eagerly anticipating their upcoming vacations and trips to the beach. The warm weather and sunshine provide the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled summer. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or exploring a new city, there’s always something exciting to do during the summer. One student who is especially excited for

Time to go to Europe!

In the summer of 2024, students at Palmetto High School will have the opportunity to travel! Mrs. Brunner, U.S. History teacher, is partnering with EF Tours to lead a trip to Europe. The trip itinerary will follow important places in Europe during World War II. They will visit London, Paris, Normandy, and Berlin, “the way

Girls Weightlifting: Distircts

In Land O’ Lakes at Sunlake High School, the Palmetto High Girls weightlifting team attend districts meet on Saturday, January 28. Palmetto girls competed against six other schools. There were 15 girls on the team that made it to the district’s competition. With this small of a team it was easier to see all the

Superbowl Finger-foods

When the Superbowl comes up some think of if their favorite team are going to win but others think about what food are they going to be eating during it. Sonjilee Bermudez had a lot of things while watching the Superbowl party. She ate “Wings, chips and salsa, chicken nugget, pickles, carrots with ranch, celery,

Tiger Pounds against Bulls Pounds

Girls Weightlifting has started and their third competition was against Parrish High School. During the two training weeks before the competition, their goal was to get stronger. Marlei Brown, a sophomore in Palmetto High weightlifting, was interviewed before the competition. She “knew that Parrish didn’t have a big team and I knew it wouldn’t be

Another Hurricane?!

With Hurricane Nicole coming from the East of Florida and moving Northwest, she affected Palmetto High School and the rest of Manatee county from having school on Thursday and the play-offs last Friday. Alexa Lane said, “I hope we don’t get school Thursday because this is too much, I need sleep.” When asked, “What if

Lost in the Rain

Fifth game in and the Tigers have got themselves another loss, this time against the Sarasota Sailors. The score was 7-16, with player #1, Adonise Moise, getting their first and only touch down in the game. Coach Marino states “We are not consistent…in some plays somebody does something really good and in the same play