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Grad Bash 2023 Review

          On Friday, April. 28, seniors from all over went to universal studios and overall it was a good experience.   I met a lot of new people seen things that I haven’t seen before it was just nice being apart of nice group of people that I am friends with and they made my experience

March Madness

Florida Atlantic made it into the final four unexpectedly. Their first opponent was the Florida Gators and it was very entertaining the crowd loved it out of their seats. The game was so close 76-74.   Then their recent game they played against the San Diego state Aztecs was like no other both were going shot

Lebron breaks the scoring record

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Lebron James broke the record for the most total points in history also Lebron James passed up Kareem Abdul-Jabbar because in 1984 Kareem broke the record for most total points.  Lebron James went on a interview and expressed “The feeling is so surreal and it doesn’t feel real and I have

Palmetto takes another loss to Southeast

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, Palmetto’s boys basketball team went head to head against Southeast High again in one of the most anticipated games of the year.   But it was very unfortunate the Tigers lost 56-44. Southeast Seminoles pulled out the win but the crowd was insane, everyone in the stands went wild especially over

Palmetto’s first basketball game

                Palmetto High School’s first game was not the best, they came up short against IMG, 71-69, but it was a tough game for the tiger because IMG was making all of their shots.  Amos Gass lead the team with 21 points and he conveyed that “We played to the best of our ability as

Basketball upcoming season

The senior Yahshiyah “Biscuit” Jones had the time to talk about the upcoming season and how he feels about his new teammates, teams, and he thinks he can affect the team and a positive way to win more games. He expressed that “I could bring a lot to the team”. And also the player Yahshiyah