Basketball Champions

The boys basketball team were the district champions for the first time in nine years. Playing Tampa Bay Tech with a final score of 72-55, Palmetto played exceptional and won the district game by 17 points.

They then went onto the first round of regional playoffs against Leto High School and won with a score of 74-68. It was a suspenseful game, for both teams were playing to win. Evan Roberts, #30 on the team, spoke out about the game and said ” The whole team gave their all into this game, knowing how important it was to all of us and as a team we where able to make it happen.”

Going on to the regional semi-final game, the Tigers played a tough game but lost to Charlotte High School with a score of 63-49. Regardless of win or lose, the Tigers played hard all season and had many ups and downs. For the first time in nine years the Tigers ran all the way to the regional playoffs. Palmetto is beyond proud of our boys.