PHS: A Senior’s Honest Review

As a senior about to leave Palmetto High behind, I am here to leave a review of our high school based on the three years I have been here.

There are many improvements that can be made to this school like fixing the lack of student say, creating better communication, and being there more for students.

Students get virtually no say in what happens around our school which is an unfair choice. The school should be treated more like a democracy instead of a completely strict authoritarian environment.

The communication in Palmetto High is lacking. When something important happens in the school, students should be notified with an announcement, not just parents.

Lastly, administration is not easily accessible to students. The amount of times I have emailed an assistant principal or dean for a meeting and have had no reply is odd. Administration should be more available to talk to their students.

While there are many corrections to be made here, there are plenty of positives, too. For example, there is plenty of school pride, our school makes sure to create plenty of exciting events, and we have the best teachers.

With Red Shoe Friday, our amazing spirit week turn-outs, and our cheerful student sections at football games, our tiger pride is second to none. We truly have great school spirit between the students and staff.

Our school also makes sure that our events are amazing whether it’s a traditional event like prom or a modern one like senior sunrise. Palmetto always chooses to celebrate and does a great job at it.

Finally, Palmetto High has the BEST teachers. With teachers like Mrs. Meyer, Miss Liles, Mr. Olson, and many more, we know we are learning in the best way possible.

Even though we have our flaws, our school is awesome! Go Tigers!