Up and Coming Football Players

Every year, our football team gets a new roster of players, each with amazing talents. This year, we got an insight on some of the top prospects from our school. They spoke on what it’s like to play on a team, have your talent be recognized, and what they have to say to other up and coming players that might look up to them.

Jamil Williams, senior SS and RB, said “This team is like a second family to me, we’ve gone through a lot together and i think that what makes us such a close team. Getting recognized is such a big accomplishment and honor because it shows that other people are seeing what I’ve worked so hard to become and for anyone out there that might be looking up to me all I can really say is keep working, cause in the end it’ll pay off.”

Another big prospect, Zamarion Lang, junior QB and WR, stated ” Playing on a team you have to have dedication but overall I’ve got so much love for my teammates and all the memories that come with playing on this team. The recognition makes all the work I’ve put in worth it and I’m honestly just so grateful. The advice id give to other ball players is you’ve got to work for what you want to achieve so keep your mind in the right place.”

These players, along with many others on Palmetto’s team are doing great things on the field.