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Justify the 13th Triple Crown Winner

The 150th Belmont Stake Race was one of records. Justify, a three year old chestnut American Thoroughbred has officially become the second, completely undefeated horse to win the prestige title of Triple Crown Winner(second to Seattle Slew in 1977) under the hall of fame jockey or rider, Mike Smith.  Previously only 12 other horses have won the

Starbucks: Hold The Straws

On July 9th Starbucks took a monumental step towards reducing plastic pollution. Starbucks announced that by 2020 all stores will phase out single use plastic straws. Starbucks which has always openly advertised its commitment towards sustainable solutions. Starbucks instead has replaced single use straws with a new lid that can be described as an “adult

University of South Florida Reunites to Make Stronger Impact in Community

The University of South Florida(USF) system includes three separately accredited universities, The University of South Florida in Tampa, The University of South Florida in Saint Petersburg, and The University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee in Sarasota. Traditionally ever since USF St. Petersburg formed its own campus the universities have all offered separate diploma’s even since 2004.

McDonald’s Worth a Mustang

This past week, Palmetto High School participated in a fund-raising event where students and staff test drove luxury cars in order to raise money for the school. However, this normally boring exercise around in circles was given an interesting     twist when one of the cars , a Mustang,  disappeared for longer than usual.

Summer Ways~Coachella Daze

Coachella is a synonymous name between all hipsters, music-lovers, wanna be youtubers, and party-goers alike.  The popular music and arts festival in Coachella Valley, California kicks off the summer music festival season in the U.S.. This year, it took place from Friday April 13th to Sunday April 22nd. It featured performances from some of the

Palmetto High “Doubles Up” at Districts

The Palmetto Tigers  boys and girls’ tennis teams made their way up to Treasure Cove, St. Petersburg  for a district tournament on  April 17th and 18th. Both teams played high ranking individuals from many different schools and gave their most valiant efforts, but fell just short of making it to regionals. However, three freshmen played