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World’s Oldest Living Man Dies At Age 112

World’s Oldest Living Man Dies At Age 112

The previous oldest living man in the world died on February 23rd of this year at age 112. Chitetsu Watanabe lived in Hong Kong and was officially confirmed by the Guinness World Record as oldest man living on February 12th, 11 days before he passed away. Although he held that title, he was still 4

Venice, Italy: Underwater

The Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro stated on twitter today, “Venice is on its knees”. A historic flood has swept through the city leaving it under three feet of water. This flood has been recorded as being the cities “second highest flood” in its history according to Slate News. The media source ANSA reports that

Volley For The Cure

Along with the beginning of October, breast cancer awareness month rolls in. To show our love and support for everyone who has either dealt with it first hand or has or had a family member or friend that have been apart of the fight, Florida has the Volley For The Cure program. The program itself

Did You Know That Bradenton Rocks?

The Greenlee family have started their own tradition in which they paint a rock, leave whatever message or design they please on that rock, and then hide it. These rocks can be found all over Bradenton if you look hard enough. The family’s goal for this little project is to bring a smile to those

An Overtime Thriller in Palmetto! Palmetto Tigers VS Manatee Hurricanes

The Palmetto Tigers took on our Cross River Rivals, the Manatee Hurricanes, on August 30th, 2019. Weather was a huge impact on the game, with lightning delaying the game for 1 hour. Even after the long wait, fans were still hungry to stay and cheer our Tigers on. The first half was slow with both