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Costa Rica Adventures!

This spring of 2023, 16 Palmetto High School students were able to take a trip all the way to Costa Rica to learn about the culture and everything that comes with it. This experience gave many kids a whole new perspective on life. For nine days they adventured through Costa Rica while doing things such

Basketball Champions

The boys basketball team were the district champions for the first time in nine years. Playing Tampa Bay Tech with a final score of 72-55, Palmetto played exceptional and won the district game by 17 points. They then went onto the first round of regional playoffs against Leto High School and won with a score

Palmetto Coaching Legend Retires

Head Palmetto High School Football Coach, Dave Marino, announced his retirement, effective immediately, earlier this month after wrapping up the season. Marino spoke out and said, “It’s been a personal and financial sacrifice for many years, us as coaches are expected to do so much for so little and I think it’s just time for

The World Cup

The 2022 world cup was definitely one for the books. This game lasted from Nov. 20, 2022 through Dec. 18, 2022. The final game was Argentina vs. France, with Argentina taking the win with a 4-3 score. This game is very popular with people all around the world routing for different teams and tuning in

Up and Coming Football Players

Every year, our football team gets a new roster of players, each with amazing talents. This year, we got an insight on some of the top prospects from our school. They spoke on what it’s like to play on a team, have your talent be recognized, and what they have to say to other up