Palmetto High School Cheerleading Tryouts 2023-2024

Each cheerleaders favorite time of the year is tryouts! Where they get to put their all into what they love best and try for either Junior Varsity or Varsity.

The Palmetto High School cheerleaders held an open tryouts day on April 20th to help fundraise for the transportation needs for the upcoming season.

Palmetto High School cheerleading coach, Bethany Saxon talks about how she feels about the upcoming season, “I’m very excited about it, I think the potential of the new people with the potential of the current athletes is very high and it just makes me very excited to teach everybody and learn new things.” She further explains how she believes tryouts went great and, “it was a proud moment for myself because we had double the amount of athletes tryout this year than last year.”

May 2nd is the first meeting of the new season that the athletes will get to all meet officially and get more information on the games, competitions, and practice for that year.