SEHS Cheer and Basketball Head on Head Game

This was a thrilling game for both the Palmetto High school cheerleaders and the boys basketball team. Each prepared for this game for a long time, the Cheerleaders go neck-and-neck with South East High School’s cheerleaders in a crowd involvement cheer. Both sets of Cheerleaders, cheering for their home team in hope to bring home the win.

Starting the game off strong, Palmetto High got the first basket, though later lost with a final box score of 52-44.

Cheerleader, Madelyn Gillett on the Palmetto High School team talks about how she believes her performance went.

“Not as good as it should have been. We were all confident and ready but as we watched South East cheerleaders go first, we all got less and less excited. They had more cheers and a higher skilled performance. So I decided to quickly add in a stunt for my group to do. I wasn’t scared because we were the only group to consistently hit. Though we got out there and the stunt was super shaky and almost hit the ground.” Gillett continued to explain that, overall, the rest of the performance -they were supposed to do- was a success.

The basketball players and the cheerleaders at Palmetto high school were very devastated but ready for a rematch next season.