Tiger Pounds against Bulls Pounds

Girls Weightlifting has started and their third competition was against Parrish High School. During the two training weeks before the competition, their goal was to get stronger.

Marlei Brown, a sophomore in Palmetto High weightlifting, was interviewed before the competition. She “knew that Parrish didn’t have a big team and I knew it wouldn’t be a hard team to beat.” With Brown being out of practice “after being sick for three weeks”, she expected that some of the Parrish girls would be nice, but she was wrong. After the competition, she said, “I knew we had won”. She then proceeded to talk about her overall performance, “I was proud of myself, all I did was miss my last bench press.”

Grace Phillips, a sophomore in Palmetto High weightlifting stated, “I didn’t think they had a very good program for weightlifting.” Phillips explains her emotions as being “shocked at how loud they were for being such a small team.” After the competition ” I thought they actually had some really good girls and they were good for the size of their team, I was also very proud of myself for the records I achieved.”