Girl Soccer Season Kick Off

       The girls soccer team just kicked off and is already off to a good start. They had their first game on Nov 7th 2022 against Bayshore High School. The girls took the win with a score of 8-0. How do these girls work together in order to win these games? Yazmeen Anderson, junior defender, stated, “Our team strives for positivity not only on the field but off the field too. Together as a team we have great communication and continue to motivate each other rather than tear each other down.” Kassidy Green, junior center-midfielder, said, “We stick together and never turn on each other in difficult times. Communication is also really big for our team. We are always congratulating each other, high-fiving each other, showing appreciation and helping each other improve, respectfully.” They have many more matches coming up that they plan on winning so they can go to districts. 

Photo courtesy of: @palmetto_high_girl_soccer