Encanto Movie Review

On Nov. 24, 2021, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributed the film Encanto. Encanto is the kind of movie that comes to mind when you think of a Disney movie, bright and vibrant colors, magic, catchy music, and a theme about family that a lot of the viewers at home can relate to.  The film

Dress Code

The Palmetto High School dress code is a set of rules and limitations, set by Manatee County, that students are expected to follow. The dress code has caused controversy among the students in the form of sharing unfair stories or ranting about how they feel.  Amanda Rojas, a senior PHS student in AICE, thinks the dress code

Change in Weather

Palmetto, Fl definitely got to see a change in the weather this week. We are so use to it being very hot. However this week we did have to grab a jacket and even an umbrella. It has been in the low 60’s this week, which wasn’t too bad. Most Floridians look forward for this

Senior Night

This Friday, November 5th is senior night at the Palmetto High Football game against Clearwater Academy High School. Before the game starting at 6:45 pm, the seniors that are a part of the football team, athletic training, band, dance, color guard and cheerleading will all walk across the field to honor their last year here

Riverview High School (Preview)

I had interviewed Coach Marino regarding to the upcoming Riverview High School game. The first question I asked was; “When is the game?” Coach Marino’s response; “Tomorrow night (Friday). September 10th at Riverview.” The next question I asked was; “What’s your confidence playing against Riverview?” Coach Marino’s response; “We had some even battles. They beat


At Palmetto High School, many amazing opportunities are provided. Although a popular highlight of the school is the AICE program (Advanced International Certificate of Education). This program is an international curriculum and examination system that empathizes the value of broad and balanced study that offers a special Diploma. Alongside an in-depth understanding of a variety of subjects, students also need to master a broader range of skills critical for success

Newest Enforced Headphone policy

The newest rule about headphones on campus has some students and teachers conflicted. The newest enforced policy states that students are only allowed one ear bud at lunch and no ear buds in the hallway or in class.   This newest policy has students such as Kayleigh Jeffereys and Carlos Picart disagreeing with the rule.   “I think the new headphone policy is senseless.

The 2021 Football Schedule

Starting with varsity, there are a total of eleven games. The first game- 8/20/21 at 7:30 p.m. A home game against Newsome High School. The second game- 8/27/21 at 7:30 p.m. Another home game against Southeast High School. Following up in September- The third game- 9/3/21 at 7:30 p.m. Which is indeed a home game