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House Bill 733- A Fresh Start For Middle and High Schools

On May 15, 2023, House Bill 733 (HB733) was passed in Florida.   The bill makes changes to schools’ start times for middle and high schools. According to the bill itself, “the instructional day for middle schools may not begin earlier than 8 a.m. and the instructional day for high schools may not begin earlier

Scream VI

The well-known horror movie franchise, Scream, just got the newest addition to the lineup- Scream VI.  The movie was released March 10, 2023. From start to finish, the movie keeps viewers hooked. It contains a perfect mix of every element that a slasher such as itself should have- twists, mystery, and tension- as well as

Superbowl 57 Halftime Show

On February 12th in Glendale, Arizona, Superbowl 57 featured an incredible performance by Rihanna during the halftime show.   Above the main stage that was on the field there were multiple platforms which moved up and down, with Rihanna taking the spotlight in the center one. This one went up higher than the others, suspending her

Midterm Stress

It’s that time of year again- with the holidays also comes midterms.   Trying to balance semester exams with the usual schoolwork, home life, and sports can make life more stressful than anything. Here are some tips to get around that and to prevent that stress from building. Ryan Hansen, sophomore, shares ways to study that

Arctic Monkeys- “The Car” Album Review

The popular British rock band Arctic Monkeys released a new album on October 21, 2022. “The Car” is the band’s seventh studio album, their latest after 5 years. The album follows the same spirit as “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” (TBHC), their 2017 record. Before this, the Arctic Monkeys released “AM” in 2013. Going from

Adnan Syed: How a Podcast Freed a Man

Adnan Syed, the 41-year-old Baltimore man who once saw nothing but a life in jail ahead of him, now sees freedom after over 20 years in prison. In 1999, an 18 year old girl named Hae Min Lee went missing after school in Baltimore, Maryland. Her body was later found buried in a park. Her