This VR Headset Kills You When You Die In-Game

Palmer Luckey, founder of the Oculus Rift, brought popular anime series Sword Art Online to life by creating a VR headset that kills you when you die in-game. Luckey announced this in a blog on November 6, 2022, the same day in Sword Art Online that all players became stuck in the virtual reality world. Luckey made the headset as a commemoration for this series.

Luckey posted on his blog, “Pumped up graphics might make a game look more real, but only the threat of serious consequences can make a game feel real to you and every other person in the game.” Luckey, P. (Nov. 6, 2022). If you die in the game, you die in real life, from

Though not fully completed yet, Luckey revealed the VR headset’s name as the OQPNVG. When in-game death is detected, three lethal explosive charges above the forehead are fired off, killing the player instantly. Luckey claims that the headset detects this via, “a narrow-band photo-sensor that can detect when the screen flashes red at a specific frequency.” In simpler words, it’s charges fire off when a “Game Over” screen is detected.

Palmetto Student, Emerson Edixon, said, “Why would you create something like that? That sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi horror, is this man going to take over the world?”

Luckey stated that his lethal headset is not to be released to the public and is simply a piece of office art.