Do People go to the Fair for the Food, Rides, or Both?

The fair has fun rides, tasty food, and great experiences that can be enjoyed by all. People usually go for one of three or for all of them.  


The fair has the best rides. If you go to the fair for the rides, you are doing something in life right. The rides are more fun and exciting than just going there to eat fattening food and walk around and do nothing else. Marissa Rocha, who is sophomore this year, says, “I go for the rides, because they are fun and only come about once a year, plus it’s at a pretty decent price.” 


The fair food is the best thing at the fair. There is only one reason to go to the fair and it’s the food. Ruby Becerril, who is a senior this year, says, “The rides aren’t even fun anymore. At the fair there are some foods that you can’t find anywhere else or taste the same as it would at the fair.”  Maddison Bremer, who is a senior this year, says, “I go to the fair for the food because food is the passageway to the heart.” 


If you don’t go to the fair for both the food and the rides what is wrong with you? The fair only comes to town once and year, so you have to make the most of it. Madison Laney, who is a senior this year, says, “You can only get fair food once a year. As for the rides, it’s an amazing experience to go on all the rides with your friends or family and have the time of your life while doing it.” Mariela Salgado, who is a sophomore this year, says” Fair food is good even though it has a lot of calories but the food there is The wristbands are cheap, so you might as well take advantage of it. The fair has a variety of rides and excitement that gives you a type of adrenaline rush while having fun there that makes you want to keep coming back.” 

You can go to the fair for the rides, the food, or the experience just as long as you go to the fair and have fun. The fair is somewhere that you go to have fun, so have fun there no matter what you went there for.