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Summer Vs. Winter?

Summer and winter and two completely different seasons. One is cold and snowy depending on where you live, and one is hot and sweaty. Do you want to want to be sweating all the time or do you want to constantly be cold all the time.? Summer is the bestest ever. You get to go

Pineapple on Pizza?

Do you think pineapple on pizza is good? Many people like it but many others don’t.  People who like pineapple on pizza know how to order a pizza. Mrs. Kayla says “The flavor of the pizza is sweet and tangy which I like. I think pineapple does belong on pizza.” People like pineapple because of the

Snickerdoodles or Sugar Cookies for Christmas?

Some families have traditions of baking a certain type of cookie during Christmas like snickerdoodles or sugar cookies.   Even though sugar cookies are good, snickerdoodles are way better in comparison. Aiden Disel, who is a senior this year, says, “My grandmother made snickerdoodles every year around the holidays, and they make me think of

Christmas Came Early?

Are people decorating too early or too late for Christmas?   Why do people feel the need to decorate a whole two to three months early? People started decorating right after Halloween like Thanksgiving wasn’t even a thing. Are you in that much of a hurry to get rid of the year that you start decorating

Dogs VS. Cats

Are dogs better or are cats better? Which one will win? Which one is better?  Whoever likes dogs you are my favorite person because dogs are better in every way. Dogs want to interact with their owners. Dogs will make you start to get active even if it is just taking them out for a

Home Coming Week

Last week Palmetto High School                                          students celebrated Homecoming Week. The week was filled with daily themes, games, football and music. In general, several students seemed to appreciate the atmosphere, but others thought there might be ways to improve Home Coming Week, for next year.  The daily themes, for

Covid-19 Issues

There have been over 100 confirmed cases of Covid-19 at Palmetto High School since the first day of school this year. Those exposed to individuals who have tested positive to Covid-19 and those with the infection are being sent home to quarantine. Naturally, since the first day of school managing with the infection has been stressful for students, staff, and parents alike.   This is

Locked Bathrooms Dilemma

The Tik Tok trend/challenge called “Devious Licks” has created a dilemma for students at Palmetto High School. We have fewer places to use the bathroom because many of the bathrooms have been closed. Some students think it’s okay to vandalize or destroy our bathrooms at school. They think that since kids from other schools are doing this, they can do it also. Do you agree and think that the inconvenience that