Harry and Meghan Documentary Series

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s documentary is out and it’s making headlines. The trailer was released on December 5, causing a frenzy from all the couple’s fans.

People were hoping that they would be dishing out top-secret royal family gossip. But, it was purely the Duke and Duchess of Sussex talking about their experience with the royal family, the tabloids, and their decision to leave the royal family. Meghan Markle also speaks about her experience with being a target of the British media based on her skin color.

Race was a pretty big topic during the 6 episode series, Harry and Meghan talked very largely about the discrimination that Meghan received from not only the British media but also from the royal family themselves. The media would often comment on Meghan’s choice of clothes or even go after the couple’s relationship. Harry and Meghan’s series also featured a few celebrities that are friends with the couple, with an appearance and interview from Tyler Perry. While the couple was being tormented by the media after leaving the British royal, they contacted Tyler Perry, who they had never met before, and he offered them his mansion in Beverly Hills, where they were able to hide from the media for six weeks, he even paid for a private security team.

The series has garnered very parallel opinions, a lot of the British media is condemning the couple for the documentary. British media has gone as far as to call Meghan a traitor. While the U.S. media is commending Meghan for what she revealed in the documentary. Many say that they watched the series with tears in their eyes for everything she had to go through with the British media. The series is definitely worth watching if you are a fan of the couple.