Chucky Show Review

The sequel to the movie “Child’s Play”, “Chucky”, the show, is about a doll who becomes possessed by a serial killer targets the citizens of an American town.

After he’s possessed, he tries to manipulate Jack Wheeler into killing his father since his dad is abusive towards him, the doll fails to manipulate Jack, so instead, the doll kills his father instead by electrocuting him. Afterwards, Chucky and Jack Wheeler’s relationship started to drop and they meet the other doll from dolls play, Tiffany.

Jacqueline Ortiz, who’s watched the movie, says “The Chucky series is really good for people who like creepy dolls, but some of Chucky methods are the same, but overall, 10/10.”

The show would be a 10/10, the drama and jumpscares in the show are amazing as well as the plot.