Avatar 2 Movie Review

The movie “Avatar: The Way of the Water”, which came out Dec. 19, is a sequel to the critically acclaimed movie Avatar.

The movie takes place many decades after the original time line of “Avatar”, the movie tells the story of the Sully family, the troubles that they encounter, and the lengths that they’d go just to keep each other safe from harms way, along with the tragedies they endure.

Jake Sully, now permanently transferred into his avatar, unites the clans of Pandora’s people and leads them to victory in a rebellion against the human colonizers who were trying to pillage the planet for its resources. The movie revolves around the new child who was born in the Sully family but couldn’t be put into a pod. The child lives a normal life in exception to mainly growing up around the avatars.

Isabela Alejandre, who has watched the movie said “The movie was pretty intense, I loved the part where they all started fighting.”

The movie was a solid 8/10, the original movie was still better by quite a bit.