PHS: A Senior’s Honest Review

As a senior about to leave Palmetto High behind, I am here to leave a review of our high school based on the three years I have been here. There are many improvements that can be made to this school like fixing the lack of student say, creating better communication, and being there more for

Romeo and Juliet

The Palmetto High School’s shortened 80’s-themed adaptation of Romeo and Juliet was performed on Friday, April 14 and the matinee was on Saturday, April 15. The Paw Players successfully put on this production after several failed past attempts. The director for the play, Robert Gratzer, seemed grateful to finally have pulled off Romeo and Juliet

Red Tide Hits Florida

The red tide is a type of algal bloom. It occurs because when microscopic algae multiply to higher than normal concentrations,often discoloring the water.The red tide can occur naturally and man made. It can form man made from global warming, agricultural pollution and naturally from the desert. The red tide is affecting our environment because

Ordinary Comet or Alien Drone?

On Oct. 19, 2017, the first interstellar object ever known to visit our solar system soared past Earth at a whopping 196,000 miles per hour. The interstellar “object” was thought to be a comet, but scientists and skeptics are unsure. The object, officially named ‘Oumuamua, Hawaiian for “a messenger from afar arriving first,” has origins

Construction Takes Over Palmetto High School

Over spring break, Palmetto High School buildings six and nine were torn down. Buildings six and nine were torn down due to the new cafeteria being built on the same site of buildings six and nine. “When it’s finished and we have a new cafeteria, then we will go back and tear down the old

Prom Thoughts?

Prom theme… Some people stick to the theme and some people did their own thing. This year’s prom theme is Green and Gold or as your 85-dollar prom ticket says, “Emerald Oasis”. While some people buy an outfit according to the theme; some buy the color they want. Kayla Williams stated that “I bought the

Costa Rica Adventures!

This spring of 2023, 16 Palmetto High School students were able to take a trip all the way to Costa Rica to learn about the culture and everything that comes with it. This experience gave many kids a whole new perspective on life. For nine days they adventured through Costa Rica while doing things such

Time to go to Europe!

In the summer of 2024, students at Palmetto High School will have the opportunity to travel! Mrs. Brunner, U.S. History teacher, is partnering with EF Tours to lead a trip to Europe. The trip itinerary will follow important places in Europe during World War II. They will visit London, Paris, Normandy, and Berlin, “the way

Summer Vs. Winter?

Summer and winter and two completely different seasons. One is cold and snowy depending on where you live, and one is hot and sweaty. Do you want to want to be sweating all the time or do you want to constantly be cold all the time.? Summer is the bestest ever. You get to go