The World Cup

The 2022 world cup was definitely one for the books. This game lasted from Nov. 20, 2022 through Dec. 18, 2022. The final game was Argentina vs. France, with Argentina taking the win with a 4-3 score. This game is very popular with people all around the world routing for different teams and tuning in

Up and Coming Football Players

Every year, our football team gets a new roster of players, each with amazing talents. This year, we got an insight on some of the top prospects from our school. They spoke on what it’s like to play on a team, have your talent be recognized, and what they have to say to other up

Foreign Students at PHS

Palmetto High School is a place with a lot of diversity. Many people may wonder how life is for students who come from different countries. Here are their stories… Aleksandra Rogacheva Yurievna / 17-year-old / 11th grade / Russia What is the thing you like the most and the least of schools in the United

Christmas Came Early?

Are people decorating too early or too late for Christmas?   Why do people feel the need to decorate a whole two to three months early? People started decorating right after Halloween like Thanksgiving wasn’t even a thing. Are you in that much of a hurry to get rid of the year that you start decorating

Christmas Movies

Christmas time, one of everyone’s favorite times of the year. Time for joy, love, hot cocoa, Christmas lights, and Christmas movies. Which brings up the question: What is the best Christmas movie? For years and years, we have been watching Christmas movies, where it has become a tradition to have a Christmas movie night. So

Palmetto’s first basketball game

                Palmetto High School’s first game was not the best, they came up short against IMG, 71-69, but it was a tough game for the tiger because IMG was making all of their shots.  Amos Gass lead the team with 21 points and he conveyed that “We played to the best of our ability as

Christmas Break

Since Christmas Break is upcoming, the students of Palmetto High are very excited for their break! The first interview is from Charlize Miller, a tenth grade student from Palmetto High, “Charlize plans to enjoy time with my family for Christmas.” Charlize’s and her family traditions every Christmas are to “cook certain dishes like, turkey, glazed

The New Mustang Dark Horse

The new Ford Mustang is the first performance Mustang that we have seen in 21 years, and with the trend of electric, this new Mustang is the last combustion engine muscle car left.   With a brand-new interior and exterior featuring some of the specs that the Mustang GT had. The new Mustang Dark Horse comes

Girl Soccer Season Kick Off

       The girls soccer team just kicked off and is already off to a good start. They had their first game on Nov 7th 2022 against Bayshore High School. The girls took the win with a score of 8-0. How do these girls work together in order to win these games? Yazmeen Anderson, junior defender, stated,

The TikTok Reverse AI Filter Trend

This week, on the sharing-platform TikTok, users found the next new viral trend, a filter that turns images into artistic masterpieces with just a quick tap. Users show the art version of the image first, then follow it along with the original image, showing how it changed. With AI art growing on social media, this