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Traditions: Red Shoe Friday!!!

What traditions do your high schools have? Here at Palmetto High School, one of our game day traditions is Red Shoe Friday. What is Red Shoe Friday? Red Shoe Friday is when all students on Friday’s wear any type of red shoes to show their school spirit. If students wear red shoes, they receive a

Manatee vs Palmetto (Post-Game)

On Friday, September 17th, 2021, I went to the Manatee High School Hurricanes vs Palmetto High School Tigers game because I was taking photo-journalism of the game and oh my- was it a game worth every minute. I should first mention that Palmetto beat Manatee, the score was 9-27. This was a much needed win,

Riverview (Postgame)

I interviewed Coach Marino concerning the after-effect of the Riverview High School game last Friday, this is how it went. My first question was; “Who won the game?” Coach Marino’s response; “Riverview. 22-19.” “Close game.” I responded. My second question was; “Describe the intensity of the game?” Coach Marino’s response; “It was another heavy weight

Football and Covid-19.

The 2021-2022 Palmetto football team was given a scare early in the year when Covid-19 contact tracing resulted in most of the starting defense being quarantined. According to Coach Marino, “[To be] precautionary we got [the team] tested.” Only one player tested positive. After a day of quarantine and without practice, most of the defense