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Senior Exit Review

Being a senior in my last quarter of high school, and being involved heavily in both the academic and athletic sides of school life, I think I am adequately qualified and well versed enough to author an ‘exit review’ of sorts. The goal of this article is not to pointlessly bash on the school system.

A Final Senior Year Goodbye…

As our final days of senior year come to an end, I thought it would be special if I made this story about the seniors. Senior year is special. You soak in every last minute you can of high school before you go out into the real world. Within senior year, you enjoy your last

Saint Patrick’s Day Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a celebration of the Christian missionary, St. Patrick. It’s an Irish-originated holiday with many traditions that were diluted by American culture.   Many of the American traditions come in the forms of wearing certain clothing or eating certain foods. St, Patrick’s Day is March 17, the dat on which St. Patrick;s death

Girls Basketball Senior Night!

Senior nights for athletes are a special night. It represents their commitment to their sport, in this case their dedication to basketball. This year, the seven senior girls walked the basketball court for the last time each being escorted by their loved ones. The seniors: Ro’Myiah Lang: Girls basketball team manager Lexy Luther Madeline Hume

Palmetto High Clubs

Clubs can be a great way to make new friends with similar interests. Palmetto High School has many clubs, each with different perks. Some clubs help with athletics, academics, leadership, the arts, or just regular extracurricular activities.  One of the athletic clubs Palmetto holds is Track and Field. Track and Field meets every day at 3:15. This club is ran by Roderick Martin and Elizabeth

Palmetto’s Raider Dynasty and How it Happened

For four years now, the Palmetto High School JROTC raider team has been dominant, winning each of the three state titles hosted over the time period. As a member of each iteration of the team, I will do my best with this article to give an inside look at the methods and culture that created

Tip your caps to the grads…

As we all know, graduation is coming up and within the next few months we all have to prepare for this big event. For the students, graduation looks like having your family fly in or come to graduation, pick the nicest outfit to wear under your gown, and make sure everyone has a ticket. But,

Spider-Man NWH Review

Spider-Man no way home, is a movie that will be talked about and remembered for a very long time. This movie was everything that every marvel fan wanted to see, especially Stan Lee (RIP) the creator of marvel. This movie pulled every string of emotion that it could to keep you on the edge of

Thanksgiving classics…

As we all know, the holidays are coming up and one of the best parts of the holidays is the food. Well, at least for me the food is the cherry on top! That’s when it got me wondering what my peers’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes are! *Disclaimer: This is a survey taken within our newspaper

Raiders go to States

On Saturday the 30th, one day before Halloween, both of Palmetto’s raider teams placed first at the district meet and cinched their spots in the state competition. Each team nearly swept, placing first in each event except for one.  This is a major turn around from their first meet of the season, where the team