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HOCO Week!

Start planning for hoco week! Although we do not have a homecoming dance, we still have spirit week, the homecoming football game, and homecoming court. The dates and themes for hoco week are: 10/12 Monday: Record Day 10/13 Tuesday: Class Color day ; 9th-green, 10th-pink, 11th-yellow, 12th- blue, Faculty-purple 10/14 Wednesday: Hollywood day (dress as

Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta has just turned into a category 2 hurricane. It is in the Gulf of Mexico currently. Hurricanes right now are in a weird stage. Texas A&M University has come out and said that hurricanes pick up the cold water from the bottom of the ocean and will bring it to the surface. They’ll

Upcoming Election Day

The 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential debates have been going on over the last two weeks. First starting off with the presidential nominees of the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party. Current US President Donald Trump is attempting to get re-elected. While former vice president under the Obama Administration Joe Biden is attempting to get

Cancel Schoology :)

Schoology is the worst. I hate it with a passion. It always lags when you try to log in or click on anything. AND there is A LOT of folders and assignments to click on. This is mostly because teachers were not meant or trained to be online teachers so they have absolutely no clue

Zoey’s Final Blog

Final Blog of My Highschool Career: COVID-19 is officially settling down as businesses begin to open again and people are able to go back to work. Online schooling has been a journey for teachers, students, and parents, as everyone has learned how to work it. Aside from COVID-19 and online schooling, seniors are a little