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Grand Winner of Mega Million

After a month of no winners for the Mega Million rolling over making the grand prize bigger and bigger to 1.6 billion dollars. This is the largest lottery jackpot ever in history. There has officially been just a single winner for the 1.6 billion jackpot. The winning ticket was sold at KC Mart in Simpsonville,

Spring Fling Trendy Things

Spring is a time of fun floral prints and bright pops of color! It makes for a very fun season of fashion. Some special spring trends include floppy sun hats, and sweet-fitting  dresses. This combination is perfect for a nice, warm afternoon at the beach. A spring staple piece you have got to have in

The Year of the Tiger

It’s November and that means fall sports are back in session! Palmetto High School has a very good sports program and are very excited to get their fall sports back into full swing. Palmetto High’s fall sports consist of both boys and girls basketball, weight lifting, and soccer. This year Palmetto’s weight lifting team has had

Women’s March on Washington

On January 21st, 2017 over five million women all over the world band together to raise awareness for a magnitude of problems they are currently facing. The protesters were marching for reasons from health care and IED’s to immigration issues. One of the greatest issues brought about was the fact that planned parenthood would be

French Club Celebrates National French Week

From November 7th through 10th, students in a french class and the french club will be participating in events to celebrate National French Week. Beginning on Monday, students and staff will both be enjoying croissants topped with nutella as a tribute to a french traditional food. They will also be listening to french songs while

Monthly Words Of Wisdom With Mr. Ingrim

Everyone always has that one teacher that is funny, relatable, and full of little life lessons. For example, each day when you walk into Mr. Ingrim’s classroom, you will always be greeted, whether it is with “Hello young people,” or even greeted with some type of quote, that if you really listen to, it can