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Senior Exit Review

Being a senior in my last quarter of high school, and being involved heavily in both the academic and athletic sides of school life, I think I am adequately qualified and well versed enough to author an ‘exit review’ of sorts. The goal of this article is not to pointlessly bash on the school system.

District Championship

On Friday the palmetto boys weightlifting team won the district title again. The tigers win back to back district championships. Senior captain Rilee Jackson says “ It feels really good to be able to see the results of all the hard work we have put in the last few years”. Rylee came in first in

A Final Senior Year Goodbye…

As our final days of senior year come to an end, I thought it would be special if I made this story about the seniors. Senior year is special. You soak in every last minute you can of high school before you go out into the real world. Within senior year, you enjoy your last

The Rise of the Concordance Test Scores

In 2018, the Florida State Board of Education made a consecutive decision to require higher scores for alternative tests in order for students to graduate with a high school diploma, effective 2022.  This requirement would have affected many students due to the year of online schooling in 2020 and the consistent absences from COVID-19. However,

Palmetto Tigers Wrestling Team Goes to Districts

The Palmetto Tigers Wrestling Team goes to Districts located in Charlotte Highschool in Punta Gorda, Florida. The team was very excited to attend and represented the school proudly. The placers of the Palmetto Highs Wrestling team are the following students: 1st place: Junior Luke Lindley and Senior Ethan Bell 2nd Place: Senior Gabriel Thomas and

Black History Month

The founder of Black History Month is Carter G Woodson. In 1926 Carter G Woodson took the time out to promote and educate people about Black history and the culture. At first it started off as Negro Week but soon it went from a week to a month. Colors for Black History month or even

Girls Basketball Senior Night!

Senior nights for athletes are a special night. It represents their commitment to their sport, in this case their dedication to basketball. This year, the seven senior girls walked the basketball court for the last time each being escorted by their loved ones. The seniors: Ro’Myiah Lang: Girls basketball team manager Lexy Luther Madeline Hume

Encanto Movie Review

On Nov. 24, 2021, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributed the film Encanto. Encanto is the kind of movie that comes to mind when you think of a Disney movie, bright and vibrant colors, magic, catchy music, and a theme about family that a lot of the viewers at home can relate to.  The film

Dress Code

The Palmetto High School dress code is a set of rules and limitations, set by Manatee County, that students are expected to follow. The dress code has caused controversy among the students in the form of sharing unfair stories or ranting about how they feel.  Amanda Rojas, a senior PHS student in AICE, thinks the dress code

National Signing Day!

The Palmetto High Football program had 6 boys sign yesterday on national signing day: Duke Timmons: Northwest Missouri State, WR. Eric Brust: Stetson University, OL. Jaylen Wester: Florida Atlantic University, LB. Kyjuan Smith: East Central Mississippi State University, OL. Alzavien Houston: Seton Hill University, SS. James Simmons: Keiser University, FS. I was able to interview