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Thanksgiving classics…

As we all know, the holidays are coming up and one of the best parts of the holidays is the food. Well, at least for me the food is the cherry on top! That’s when it got me wondering what my peers’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes are! *Disclaimer: This is a survey taken within our newspaper

Raiders go to States

On Saturday the 30th, one day before Halloween, both of Palmetto’s raider teams placed first at the district meet and cinched their spots in the state competition. Each team nearly swept, placing first in each event except for one.  This is a major turn around from their first meet of the season, where the team

Clearwater Game Interview

I did a short interview with Coach Marino earlier to get some answers regarding this upcoming game with Clearwater. First question; “When and where is the game going to take place?” Coach Marino’s response; “It’s home, this Friday night, senior night, which is going to make it even more special. A special night for us.

Orlando Jones Post-Game

I interviewed Coach Marino regarding the Orlando Jones game. First question; “How was the trip to Orlando?” Coach Marino’s response; “It was okay. It was a little hectic when you get around that Orlando traffic, but for the most part it went pretty smooth.” Second question; “Describe the intensity of the game?” Coach Marino responded

Orlando Jones Game Interview

I interviewed Coach Marino regarding the upcoming game against Orlando Jones. First question; “What are you trying to implement to your players this upcoming game?” Coach Marino’s response; “Just the fact if we could just win these next two weeks, there’s a good possibility that we would get two, maybe three home games in the

Bloomingdale Game Interview (Post-Game)

I interviewed Coach Marino regarding the Bloomingdale Game last Friday. The first question; “Who won the game?” Coach Marino’s response; “We did! District champions!” Coach Marino said with a celebratory victorious tone. “23-3” Coach Marino then remarked. The second question; “Describe the intensity of the game?” Coach Marino’s response; “It was a great atmosphere. They

Home Coming Week

Last week Palmetto High School                                          students celebrated Homecoming Week. The week was filled with daily themes, games, football and music. In general, several students seemed to appreciate the atmosphere, but others thought there might be ways to improve Home Coming Week, for next year.  The daily themes, for

East Bay and Bloomingdale Interview.

I asked questions to Coach Marino concerning the East Bay and Bloomingdale game in one interview. East Bay- The first question; “Describe the intensity of the game?” Coach Marino; “It was a district game, your always going to get the highest level of intensity because that’s what every kid and the state of Florida dreams

East Bay Game Preview

In this interview I ask Coach Marino questions concerning to the East Bay football that takes place today, Friday, 7:30 p.m. which so happens to be homecoming night. If the video does not work, please copy the link provided.