Spring Spirit Week Photo Gallery

Jersey Day – Monday

Ainsley Padgett, and Maria Brust, both Juniors, started off the week with their Stetson Jerseys.
Teyona Campbell, Junior, shows what is to have a stylish outfit to be in a game.
Kari Mcmillan and Ashley Flynt, both teachers, gave us the full packet, support a team and just casual New Jersey style.

Rhyme Without Reason – Tuesday

Peter Amorim, Junior and Jake Pritchett, Sophomore dressed as the ultimate duo, Maternity Dad  and Fraternity Chad
Nicole Liles and Barbara Brunner, Social Studies teachers, dressed up as a kitty cat and famous actor, Chris Pratt.
Kaitlyn Gardner and Kayleigh Jeffreys, both Seniors, impressed us all with the incredible match, cow and pow!

P.R.O.M – Wednesday – 9th grade: P, 10th grade: R, 11th grade: O, 12th grade: M

Holly Bergmann, Elyssa Fetzner and Keirstin Hecht, all Juniors, showed their creative oufits being Outer Space, Oreo and Optometrist.
Jake Cannon and Arthur Weaver, both Sophomores, dressed up as a retired man and rapper.
Savannah Higgins, Junior, represent with her costume the organs of the human body.

Roll Out of Bed Day – Thursday

Logan Fulp and Matthew Dauphinee, both Freshmen, rock pajama day with their Pikachu and Axolotl onesies.

Aidan Gannon and Hayden Wicks, Freshmen, presented the simplicity and comfort of being in pajamas.
Kaylin Duncan, Senior, participated with a cow onesie and a big smile.