Costa Rica Adventures!

This spring of 2023, 16 Palmetto High School students were able to take a trip all the way to Costa Rica to learn about the culture and everything that comes with it. This experience gave many kids a whole new perspective on life.

For nine days they adventured through Costa Rica while doing things such as touring the capital, exploring different kinds of farms, hiking to waterfalls, zip lining, and many more. Chris Salva, a student who went on the trip, said, ” The whole trip was fun in itself but my favorite part would probably be ziplining and getting to see all the beautiful views.”

One of the focuses of this trip was learning the culture of Costa Rica and being able to have a new perspective on life, and that’s exactly what they did. They toured a school and got to see how the learning system for the kids of Costa Rica operates. Ms. Liles, the leader of the group, described the experience as, “truly eye opening to get to see the kids interact with the other kids and I can tell it was very impactful for them.”