Prom Thoughts?

Prom theme… Some people stick to the theme and some people did their own thing. This year’s prom theme is Green and Gold or as your 85-dollar prom ticket says, “Emerald Oasis”. While some people buy an outfit according to the theme; some buy the color they want. Kayla Williams stated that “I bought the color that I had planned on getting before ever knowing about the theme”. That’s true for many people going to prom, they buy an outfit before even knowing about the theme. Lots of people’s opinions are that Prom doesn’t really need a theme.

In my opinion, Prom was beautiful. There were a lot of green and gold accents that made everything look very ethereal. Some felt their choice of music was ignored but others loved the music. Prom Court was announced toward the end of prom at 10 pm. Prom Prince was Max Illes, Princess was Deja Bradley, King was Andre Etcheverry and the most anticipated crowner of the night… Our 2023 Prom Queen is no other than Trang Nguyen. The crowds cheered on for their friends as sparklers shoots, smiles glisten, and music blasted.

Photo Credit: Ashley Flynt