Arctic Monkeys- “The Car” Album Review

The popular British rock band Arctic Monkeys released a new album on October 21, 2022. “The Car” is the band’s seventh studio album, their latest after 5 years.

The album follows the same spirit as “Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino” (TBHC), their 2017 record. Before this, the Arctic Monkeys released “AM” in 2013. Going from “AM” to “TBHC” was a drastic change for fans. But what’s special about the release of “The Car” this month is how the transition from “TBHC” to this album isn’t so drastic, yet it at the same time manages to sound like its own unique piece.

The album shows off lead singer Alex Turner’s vocals, which aren’t typically prevalent in previous albums like “AM” or “Humbug” (2009). With less focus on the guitar, more focus on the synth, and creative lyricism, the album does not disappoint. Thanks to these elements, it’s a distinctive and refreshing new release by the band.

The song from the new album that sticks out the most is “Sculptures of Anything Goes”. It’s one of the band’s more “experimental” songs- a newer sound one might not expect from Arctic Monkeys. But being unexpected and different from the rest is not a bad thing, especially in this case.

From top to bottom, though, “The Car” is something any Arctic Monkeys fan would enjoy. The band shows their versatility in making music, creating something that stands out from the rest, while still staying true to the well-known Arctic Monkeys sound.