Change in Weather

Palmetto, Fl definitely got to see a change in the weather this week. We are so use to it being very hot. However this week we did have to grab a jacket and even an umbrella.

It has been in the low 60’s this week, which wasn’t too bad. Most Floridians look forward for this change in the weather because it is always so hot. So I will interview a few people on Palmetto High School campus and see how do they feel about the change in the weather.

I interviewed Raetrell Crawford and I simply asked what was his thought on this week weather. He stated, ” I honestly HATE the cold. I’ve never liked it since a kid. I love when its hot outside therefore I can let my muscles show a bit.”

I was also able to interview another student on our campus, Kyjuan Smith. Kyjuan was excited to be interviewed about this topic. He stated, ” I enjoy this breeze actually, not too hot nor too cold. At football practice it feels so nice. I hope it stays like this Friday night when we play against Clearwater Highschool also me and my brothers gone snap tonight .”

It was really fun getting to interview students around our campus and getting their inputs about the change in weather.


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