Clearwater and Wiregrass Ranch Game Interview

I spoke with Coach Marino regarding to both Clearwater and Wiregrass Ranch games.

First question; “What was the outcome of the game?”

Coach Marino responded; “Well it got called at half time because the field was just in terrible shape. Real unsafe for the kids to play. The game was called at half-time.”

“What does that mean ‘called at half-time’?” I responded.

Coach Marino- “It was cancelled.”

I then asked, “Before it was cancelled, who was doing the best job on the field?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Actually it was a back and fourth battle. They went up 14 to nothing, and we went up…tied it up 14-14, and actually right before the half, we threw a pick-6 interception for a touchdown, so they were up 20-14. But it was a back and fourth battle. Two great football teams, battling through all the elements. It was raining, it was muddy…our kids did well, our kids managed their way through. They learned how to play through it. It was unfortunate when you didn’t get the chance to finish it to see whos going to withstand all of it the best.”

Next question; “What is your next game coming up?”

Coach Marino’s response; “First round of the playoffs, this week, this Friday at home against Wiregrass Ranch.”

“What’s your guys emotion now coming up to the playoffs?” I asked.

Coach Marino’s response; “We are excited, and obviously real excited to play home in front of our fans. Home field advantages is what you work for all throughout the year. It’s going to be a big difference, in terms of momentum and enthusiasm with all of our crowd being behind us. Our kids are looking forward to the opportunity.”

“Can you describe last seasons playoffs?”

“Last two seasons, we’ve been back-to-back regional champions, it’s been a great run. These last few years, we are looking to make another run again, which creates a lot of excitement for the school, and the community and we are just excited to be apart of it.” Coach Marino responded.


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