Orlando Jones Post-Game

I interviewed Coach Marino regarding the Orlando Jones game.

First question; “How was the trip to Orlando?”

Coach Marino’s response; “It was okay. It was a little hectic when you get around that Orlando traffic, but for the most part it went pretty smooth.”

Second question; “Describe the intensity of the game?”

Coach Marino responded with; “It was a great game. We are both fighting, we are both district champs, we were fighting for seating as the playoffs begin in a couple of weeks. The atmosphere was great, and there a big time programming in the Orlando area…”

Third question; “A similar question, describe Orlando Jones just as a team? How are they?”

The response of Coach Marino; “Extremely talented. They had athlete’s, really big, strong, physical kids…We knew what we were getting into in terms of the level of talent we were going to go against. We’ve done it all year…We knew it was going to be another major challenge, like I said unfortunately we just fell a little short.”

The fourth question was, “What was the game outcome?”

Coach Marino responded, “20-13”

“Who won?” I responded.

“Orlando Jones”- Coach Marino responded.


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