Bloomingdale Game Interview (Post-Game)

I interviewed Coach Marino regarding the Bloomingdale Game last Friday.

The first question; “Who won the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “We did! District champions!” Coach Marino said with a celebratory victorious tone.

“23-3” Coach Marino then remarked.

The second question; “Describe the intensity of the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “It was a great atmosphere. They have tradition rich program over their. Their side was full, our fans traveled…It was great time.”

The third question; “Is there any player of the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “I would say James Simmons, Jordan Simpson, Jaylen Wester on defense, along with Cedric Augustine, those are the top four players on defense. They did a great job, only giving up three points, to a really good offense, who had been averaging thirty points a game. Offensively again, Cleve Benson. The play he (Cleve) made for our third touchdown was just amazing. He was a quarterback, came off his first read, scrambled, and then went across his body with an unbelievable athletic throw. Him along with Lavontae Youmans, they really have been carrying us.”

“Duke Timmons had a great game receiving at wide receiver.” Coach Marino remarked.


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