Traditions: Red Shoe Friday!!!

What traditions do your high schools have? Here at Palmetto High School, one of our game day traditions is Red Shoe Friday. What is Red Shoe Friday?

Red Shoe Friday is when all students on Friday’s wear any type of red shoes to show their school spirit. If students wear red shoes, they receive a prize of some kind. This includes candy, snacks, etc.

How did this tradition come about? I had the opportunity to talk to the creator of Red Shoe Friday, Mr. Rui Fernandes.

Rui said, “Two years ago Mrs. Fabiano, Coach Wilkes, and I were in the library and took a photo together because we were all wearing red shoes. The idea there came about and then I got with Mr. Stedman, the TV Production teacher, and we made a video that was sent out to all staff to tell the students about.”

Not only does Red Shoe Friday participants receive prizes for wearing Red Shoes, it’s a good way to get students involved on campus.

Rui also told me that, “It’s game day and usually during a sporting event happening on campus. Red Shoe Friday gives students a day where they can get prizes and show school pride.”

I mean who doesn’t want a prize to look forward to every week?

Every person wants their school traditions to live on forever though, am I right?

Rui expressed his thoughts on continuing this tradition.

“From the beginning of the school year on Friday’s till the end of the year, it will always be a tradition of ours. We want more students to participate in Red Shoe Friday.”



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