Riverview (Postgame)

I interviewed Coach Marino concerning the after-effect of the Riverview High School game last Friday, this is how it went.

My first question was; “Who won the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Riverview. 22-19.”

“Close game.” I responded.

My second question was; “Describe the intensity of the game?”

Coach Marino’s response; “It was another heavy weight fight. They’re a regional champ, we’re a regional champ. We’re going to get regional champions or regional finalists. It was a back and fourth battle, they had the lead 19-14 in the mid of fourth quarter. They scored, we were driving the ball with a couple of minutes left in the game. So it was a back and fourth heavy weight battle.”

The third question I asked was; “What would you do differently next time?”

Coach Marino’s response; “We have to protect the football, these first two games we’ve turned it over eight times. Five in the first one against Saint Pete Lakewood, then three this past week. If you turn the ball over you limit your chances very much to have success and win football games, especially at the level and competition we play. The first thing we have to do is protect the football better, and we’ve done some things this week to try to deal with that problem, another thing is we have to be more disciplined, because we had a lot of penalties, that’s also taken away from our ability to be productive.”

The next statement I said was; “It’s to my understanding there’s a lot of young players on the team.”

Coach Marino’s response; “Yeah, absolutely; But, we don’t use that as an excuse. We all have to just do our jobs a little bit better. Weather that’s protecting the football, play a little bit more disciplined, it will eliminate some of the penalties. We are going to continue working towards that.”

The next question I asked; “Was there any ‘player of the game’?”

Coach Marino’s response; “Defensively Andrew R had a really, really good game. He had two sacks, three tackles for a lost. He really helped control the line of scrimmage up front. Jalen Weston was outstanding on defense as well. Offensively probably Duke Timmons. Our wide receiver he had nine catches, with over a hundred yards, a touch down; he really played well.”


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