Normality of the 2021-2022 School Year

In Palmetto High School, the normality of the 2021-2022 school year is in peril. Students and staff alike have high hopes for some semblance of a typical school year, but that’s not promised.  

Between covid restrictions going back into place and events possibly getting canceled, the fight for a standard school year is still ongoing. 

“I feel like we’ll get back to normal pretty soon,” announced Ms. Brown, a new Vice Principal for Palmetto High School. 

Brown seemed very hopeful about the school year going on as regular, including events. 

“If at all possible, we’re going to have them (events) for students. We’re always going to have events for students if we can. And we will advocate for that, but if covid guidelines restrict that, we’ll have to come up with alternative activities that still allow students to be safe,” Brown mentioned, optimistically. 

Brown also talked about having temperature checks, sanitization, and the option of masks to keep covid-19 at bay. Despite these measures, some feel as though there isn’t enough being done to reconcile the way for a conventional school year. 

“They want to talk about preventing corona, but then they make us take bathroom passes into the bathroom. I’m sure people don’t wash their hands. It’s disgusting,” exclaims Kayli Gillett, a sophomore student. 

Upon being asked about the effect of these rules, Gillet observed, “Nobody is affected by these rules, they aren’t being enforced. The only thing they care about is dress code, I.D.’s, hoodies, and earbuds.” 

Richer Lorfils, a junior at Palmetto High, seems to feel the rules are not helping either. “We’ve already had around 800 quarantines, I don’t think it’s that effective.” 

When asked about the expected events, Richer believes that they will be canceled or postponed. 

The doubt about an ordinary school year is not just from the students, but teachers as well. 

“I’m hoping, fingers-crossed, for you guys, that you get a normal second half of your school year,” Mrs. Meyer, an American History teacher, claims, “I don’t think it’s going to happen in this first half, anymore.” 

The plan for the school year is ever-changing, so no one person can say exactly how it will end up. Yet, most hope for a common school year.