To All The Chocolate Lovers Out There…

To start out the 2021-22 school year, we have a chocolate sale happening that is put on by the JROTC program here at Palmetto High School. Basically, JROTC kids at Palmetto High carry a variety of chocolates around campus and sell it for a $1 to each student who wants one. This sale happens from August to early October. The money raised from this chocolate fundraiser contributes all to JROTC. 

Olivia Stagner, S-1.  

“The money contributes to certain events held for JROTC. This ranges from paying for buses to transporting students to and from competitions or for community service events.”  

When all sixty bars of chocolate are gone, each JROTC member gets another box to sell. It kind of seems like a competition, don’t you think? 

“There isn’t necessarily a competition to sell the most chocolate boxes. Instead, it’s more incentivized. Once you reach a specific number of sales, you’re name gets put in a raffle for things like uniform passes or homework passes.” 

It’s always fun to think about how many chocolate boxes you have sold, am I right? 

However, the 2020-2021 school year was a little bit of a rough patch for the World’s Finest Chocolate Sale.  

Emily Neves, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel. 

“With COVID-19 it was a rough year bringing in money for our program. However, we were able to bring in money through our other fundraiser, car parking. Since we manage game day parking, it did not make much of a difference.”  

Due to so many JROTC kids selling chocolate, there is a shortage in the shipment.  

Olivia Stagner, S-1. 

“The shortage of shipment is simply because of how many people are getting chocolate boxes. We go through a full shipment in 2-3 days due to there is so many cadets in JROTC. It has gotten to the point where shipments are being held for students who haven’t sold any yet and others have to hold off on selling them because of how many they have sold.” 

So, just buy your chocolate while you can and enjoy a sweet finish to your day! 


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