Newest Enforced Headphone policy

The newest rule about headphones on campus has some students and teachers conflicted. The newest enforced policy states that students are only allowed one ear bud at lunch and no ear buds in the hallway or in class.  

This newest policy has students such as Kayleigh Jeffereys and Carlos Picart disagreeing with the rule.  

“I think the new headphone policy is senseless. The previous policy of often only one ear bud was better. If kids really want to find a way to not pay attention they will and will inevitably find a way to violate this new policy.” 

On the other hand, teachers, such as Ms. Marcin, see this new rule as beneficial.  

“I understand why they did it and it can be frustrating as a teacher when you ask a student a question and they cannot hear you but as well as realizing they have not been able to hear your lecture for the past 20 minutes.”  

Regardless, students are having a hard time adjusting to this new policy. 

“I feel one earbud in the hallway is okay because you can hear both administration and your music.”   

Although students find this policy controversial, this newly enforced policy will always remain a battle.  


The admin is at work.