Complaint Blog

It is the beginning of the school year and many people already have plenty to complain about. This is my fourth year here and many of the rules have changed dramatically. Some may benefit but others, honestly are a little unnecessary.

By now, high schoolers should know how to control and behave themselves. There is no need to create rules to overly control students and what they do. There are new signs called “B.Y.O.D” to let students know if phones are permitted or not permitted in the class room. I feel these signs are beneficial for when a teacher is speaking, or if there is free time / have to use phone for research. But, these signs will not stop students from doing what they want to do.

The new headphone rule where you can only use your earbuds during lunch time is a rule many students this year dislike. I understand their reasoning, but really you can hear anything through earbuds. So many students need their music to keep them on track, including me to block out my loud classmates while I am doing my work.

The dress code this year is even more strict, I am scared to come to school in anything at this point. The third week of school I got “pulled over” by a dean that tried to claim my sweatpants were pajama pants, no ones safe I guess.

It is my senior year and the first couple of football games have gotten cancelled! I am trying to experience my last year by going to as many events as I can. But, with COVID and bad weather, my plans, they are cancelled.

Well, now that I’ve got all this complaining off my chest , I’ll be back next week for more.


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