Huge 11-foot, 1,200-pound great white shark tracked off the Gulf coast of Florida just as spring break approaches

An 11-foot great white shark was recorded off of Florida gulf coast, as tourists and natives get ready to enjoy their spring breaks on the beaches of the west coast.

According to OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker, Maple the great white shark was pinged on March 6, about 43 miles southeast of St. George Island, Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

Maple, a female white measures up to 11-feet and weighs 1,264 pounds. She was named by the OCEARCH team, after one of Canada’s national emblems. First being tagged in Sept. 2021, off the coast of Nova Scotia.

The researchers believe that a huge wound found on the left side of Maples body is actually from an interaction with another larger great white shark. Meaning there may be more than just this one white off the west coast of Florida.