Car Legend Gone at 55

Ken Block, a legend in the car community, passed away at the age of 55 in an unfortunate snowmobile accident. Considered one of the craziest, daredevilish men to hit the car scene, With all the Gymkhanas he accomplished and the crazy stunts he did with his company Hoonigan. 

I’m sure there’s some things I spoke about that you don’t know about, so I’ll explain.   

First things first, Gymkhanas, what are they? To put it simply they are tracks or courses, in various locations for speed, tight corners, donuts, drifts, and many other stunts. Many Gymkhanas that we have seen have been on hills or a mountain. For example Pikes Peak Colorado hill climb, performing death defying drifts towards the edge swinging the back end of the car over the cliffside. Another example is his mountain side climb in Hong Kong China on the Tianmen mountain. China’s most dangerous road reaching speeds of 150mph, and drifting hairpin turns and corners at around 30-45 mph. 

Now for Hoonigan, Hoonigan is Ken Block’s company where they make crazy fast cars, like… Stupid fast, and take them to different locations around the world doing stunts and or hosting races at their home location Park City Utah. They have made some insane cars. The three most recognizable ones are, the Hoonicorn a 1k hp (horsepower), 1969 Ford Mustang with a twin turbo set up, the Hoonitruck, a 900hp 1977 Ford F-150 with yet another twin turbo set up. And his favorite and first car, his MK2 Ford Escort. 

May you rest in peace Ken, you will be missed.