Snowball Compliments

On Friday, January 20 SAVE Promise Club had a “snowball compliment day”. SAVE (stands for Students Against Violence Everywhere) is a new club decided on promoting and making all students feel included, so that violence caused by bullying and other issues can be prevented.

People in all lunches had the opportunity to write a positive message or a compliment to someone they appreciate. At a table next to the cafeteria they wrote their messages on “snowball” paper pieces and on National Compliment Day the SAVE Club delivered them to the recepient.

Marissa Rocha, sophomore, member of the club said “My favorite part was probably seeing that it actually impacted people, my chemistry teacher was talking about it and she got really excited because she got snowballs. So just seeing that people actually took the time to understand it and put and effort to spread it”. De-Mari McClendon, sophomore, participant of the event also expressed “I liked being nice and just try to make people’s day”.

The club is expanding and welcoming any student who would like to join it. Mrs. Brunner, the SAVE Promise club advisor, stated “we can use all members even if you can’t come out to club meetings, you can still join us for some of the activities that we’re doing during lunch, so come on and check out everything.”

Their next event will be for Valentine’s Day.

So keep an eye out!