Christmas Break

CHA Weekend Edition: the Christmas History Almanac

Since Christmas Break is upcoming, the students of Palmetto High are very excited for their break!

The first interview is from Charlize Miller, a tenth grade student from Palmetto High, “Charlize plans to enjoy time with my family for Christmas.” Charlize’s and her family traditions every Christmas are to “cook certain dishes like, turkey, glazed ham and macaroni, and vegetables.” Charlize also does not have anything planned for New Years.

The second interview is from Alyssa Mclain, a ninth grade student from Palmetto High, Alyssa might “travel to go meet with more of my family for Christmas.” Alyssa “does not have any special traditions for Christmas” Alyssa is also planning a party for New Years.

This is how these students from Palmetto High will be spending their Christmas break.