The New Mustang Dark Horse

The new Ford Mustang is the first performance Mustang that we have seen in 21 years, and with the trend of electric, this new Mustang is the last combustion engine muscle car left.  

With a brand-new interior and exterior featuring some of the specs that the Mustang GT had. The new Mustang Dark Horse comes with a 5.0 Liter coyote V8 engine with 500 horsepower coming right out of the factory, it also includes a 6 speed manual transmission with a dual clutch plate. 

The new Dark Horse also comes with a couple of packages including the handling pack, which is the closest track pack that is still street legal. The Dark Horse S and the Dark Horse R are track only cars, they wouldn’t get too far on the road. 

Some of the new things in the Mustang Dark Horse is completely new head and taillights that give it a very aggressive and slightly futuristic look. Brand new lightweight carbon fiber wheels. A small wing in the back and a fully digital cockpit with many features for different modes in the car. 

The new name “Dark Horse” was made by Joel Plaskowski, the global director for ford design. He says, “it’s more than a new name, Dark Horse brings a new design language to mustang that is refined yet perfectly suited to its dual of street and track performance.” 

I think it’s safe to say nobody is disappointed with the Dark Horse like we everyone was with the Mach-E Mustang. Ford redeemed itself, taking the muscle car scene by storm.