Interact at Palmetto

2022-23 school year students now have a new club in stock, that club being Interact club. Interact club is a club founded by rotary international back on November 5th, 1962. 
The club hosts at least 2 events every year, one of those events aimed towards supporting either the school or the community, while the other event is aimed towards developing international understanding and leadership skills in the club’s members. 
Interact club is a new addition to the wide variety of clubs we offer here. One of the club’s upcoming events is a clothing drive, aimed at supplying the ones in need with clothing and spreading the word of helping. 
A few members such as Keegan O’Connor have stated that Interact will, “help the school look better but also help people feel better and comfortable with the place they call home.” With the future looking bright for Interact, students should look forward to more clubs to come.