Paw Players Audition and Announce Cast for Fall Play

On Tuesday, September 20th, auditions were held for How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party, performed by the theatre club and directed by Robert Gratzer, is a murder mystery that teaches the audience, quite literally, how to host a murder mystery dinner party. As the play progresses, the members in the dinner party start to be killed off one by one. 

The play features audience interaction towards the ending through votes. It will be performed on Friday, December 2nd, and there will be a matinee on Saturday, December 3rd.

Robert Gratzer, who’s been directing theater productions for 13 years, has directed a number of successful plays, such as The Giver in Fall of 2018, which out performed any other play he’s done by a considerable margin. In Gratzer’s eyes, though, “Every show is a success.”

An estimated 20-30 people showed up for auditions, including Katie Ferguson, who gave her thoughts. “The actors auditioning were amazing. I wish the best for all of them.”, she remarked.

The final cast was posted the following day. The given roles are:

Savannah Higgins as the Host

Olly Szymanski as the Housekeeper

Amber Massmann as the Maid

Ella Evans as the Gossip

Kate Curulla as the Celebrity

Sonia Vasquez as the Lawyer

Carmen Micheal Jacob as the Free Spirit

Levi Pelletier as the Groundskeeper

Julianna DiMarco as the Doctor

Marco Reyes as the Ladykiller

Jtydeth Jaimes as the Writer

Torian Zaagman as the Lost Traveler

And Violet Reinhardt as the Inspector