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An Open Letter to Adults.

An Open Letter to Adults.

Dear Adults, I understand that sometimes people think connecting to teenagers can be difficult. However, some of us do have social skills and are capable of discussing something other than college. As a high school senior, I cannot think of one time I have been out of my house in the last seven months where

When Will It End?

If you turn on the news today, you will most likely see more bad things happening in the world than good. Recently, shootings have been a common subject. While not all shootings receive nationwide coverage, such as a minor one in your town, there are more and more that are of serious matter and they are being broadcasted in all states.

First Day For Freshman

The day starts out with an early rise, the first of many rude wake up calls to summer ending. Then you get your shower, brush your teeth, do your hair. After breakfast, you get to your bus stop five minutes earlier than you are supposed to just in case, only to find out your bus driver generally

Catcalling: “Not A Big Deal”

According to Google, the definition of catcalling is to “make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by,“. If you were to ask a teenage girl today how she feels about ‘catcalling’, I bet you that ninety-nine percent of those you asked would call the action absolutely disgusting. However,

Carrying on the Family Name

Being in high school is a stressful thing for nearly any student. At this age we’re expected to maintain acceptable grades, get a job, participate in extracurricular activities, etc. Many teens already have a hard enough time managing that To Do List, but if you’re looking for a guaranteed way to pile on the stress,

The Importance of History

Everyone nowadays seems to forget the significance of history. Our own American history holds the most importance for me. We have so much we can learn from our past and there is so much we can grow from. But this has become the class in school students tend to blow off and fall asleep in.

Our Future Depends on You

Whenever I hear politics being brought up in conversation among high school students, their general reactions range from, “Ugh, can we talk about something less boring?” to “Why should I care about politics if I’m not even old enough to vote?” However, I tend to react in the opposite way. As clichéd as it sounds,