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History EOC

It’s unbelievable that students in AICE US History have to take a US History EOC on top of taking our AICE test. Juniors are being forced to do it too! A bunch of other students at PHS, including me, would not be complaining if it did something that would benefit us. BUT IT DOES NOT!

Charged for nothing?

It’s great that the school has drink vending machines, but half of the time we can’t even get the drink. The diet soda vending machines often have problems either saying “cash only” or all sold out. But the biggest issue with the machines are charging cards without giving the student the drink, or it will


The class of 2020 had lost the end of their senior year to Covid-19. They may have lost their grad bash and their prom but they still did get lucky with a spirit week and with a homecoming. But now it is the class of 2021. We had a spirit week but then sadly since

Loss of Motivation

Some mornings the thought of going to school feels like a burden. It’s not like elementary school anymore, easy, quick days. Once something gets slightly complicated, the feeling of giving up is strong. Math used to be simple. If help was needed, you would just call the teacher over or wait for someone who has