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Everything, Everything Movie Review

Everything, Everything Movie Review

              Everyone enjoys a so-called “chick flick” occasionally, and the new hottest release is the movie Everything, Everything. Maddy, the main character, has been diagnosed with a rare form of an immune deficiency disease which has caused her to be forced to stay inside for the past 17 years. All this changes when a new


Inexpensive Dates that Will Not Break the Bank

It’s hard enough trying to figure out what you alone want to do and can afford, but trying to add a significant other to the mix is a whole other set of issues. During the start of school, couples might find it increasingly difficult to discover fun dates that don’t break the bank. But worry


When Will It End?

If you turn on the news today, you will most likely see more bad things happening in the world than good. Recently, shootings have been a common subject. While not all shootings receive nationwide coverage, such as a minor one in your town, there are more and more that are of serious matter and they are being broadcasted in all states.


Terminating the Timeless Tie

Men have been wearing pants of some type since the Middle Ages, and it seems unlikely they will ever go out of style, but not every clothing article is blessed with such appeal. Many statements once idealized as the epitome of fashion have quickly died out. One such piece, the neck tie, has seen a

01_Freddy vs. Jason S

25th Annual Halloween Horror Nights

I have had the privilege to attend Halloween Horror Nights 25th year of terror. This is a special honor for everyone who was invited but even more so for me because it was my first night at Universal Studios and going through haunted houses. I can honestly say it blew my mind! When I kept


First Day For Freshman

The day starts out with an early rise, the first of many rude wake up calls to summer ending. Then you get your shower, brush your teeth, do your hair. After breakfast, you get to your bus stop five minutes earlier than you are supposed to just in case, only to find out your bus driver generally


Catcalling: “Not A Big Deal”

According to Google, the definition of catcalling is to “make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by,“. If you were to ask a teenage girl today how she feels about ‘catcalling’, I bet you that ninety-nine percent of those you asked would call the action absolutely disgusting. However,

Sibling Rivalry

Carrying on the Family Name

Being in high school is a stressful thing for nearly any student. At this age we’re expected to maintain acceptable grades, get a job, participate in extracurricular activities, etc. Many teens already have a hard enough time managing that To Do List, but if you’re looking for a guaranteed way to pile on the stress,