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Fix Our Bathrooms

I am really getting tired of having to walk to building 6 to use the girls restroom when my class is in building 11 and there is a bathroom right outside the building. Fifth period building 10 girls restroom has been locked for the past week or so because students have been trashing it or

An Open Letter to Adults.

Dear Adults, I understand that sometimes people think connecting to teenagers can be difficult. However, some of us do have social skills and are capable of discussing something other than college. As a high school senior, I cannot think of one time I have been out of my house in the last seven months where

Happy World Ocean’s Day… I guess. (A Rant)

Who doesn’t love a nice swim at the beach during a beautiful sunset? Or how about a wonderful sea food platter that makes your mouth water at the mere sight? Thank the ocean. June 8th since 1992 has become unofficially World Ocean’s Day, many don’t celebrate it, it’s not a federal holiday, no one gets


OMG! THERE ARE LOVE BUGS EVERYWHERE I GO! I can never get away from them! They are the most itchy, anxiety making bugs I have ever came across. They are annoying in every which way. They will follow you like a bee after you swat at them. It is not easy to not swat at

Everything, Everything Movie Review

              Everyone enjoys a so-called “chick flick” occasionally, and the new hottest release is the movie Everything, Everything. Maddy, the main character, has been diagnosed with a rare form of an immune deficiency disease which has caused her to be forced to stay inside for the past 17 years. All this changes when a new

Inexpensive Dates that Will Not Break the Bank

It’s hard enough trying to figure out what you alone want to do and can afford, but trying to add a significant other to the mix is a whole other set of issues. During the start of school, couples might find it increasingly difficult to discover fun dates that don’t break the bank. But worry

When Will It End?

If you turn on the news today, you will most likely see more bad things happening in the world than good. Recently, shootings have been a common subject. While not all shootings receive nationwide coverage, such as a minor one in your town, there are more and more that are of serious matter and they are being broadcasted in all states.

Terminating the Timeless Tie

Men have been wearing pants of some type since the Middle Ages, and it seems unlikely they will ever go out of style, but not every clothing article is blessed with such appeal. Many statements once idealized as the epitome of fashion have quickly died out. One such piece, the neck tie, has seen a