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The Year of the Tiger

The Year of the Tiger

It’s November and that means fall sports are back in session! Palmetto High School has a very good sports program and are very excited to get their fall sports back into full swing. Palmetto High’s fall sports consist of both boys and girls basketball, weight lifting, and soccer. This year Palmetto’s weight lifting team has had


Sunday is the Day of Rest, and Monday is the Day for PROTEST

On Monday, August 21st, there is set to be protests about two separate issues in our county. Starting at 11 a.m. on Monday the people behind the Facebook page, “Protest Against Animal Abuse/ Deliver the Shark Petition,” will stage a protest against the Florida Fishermen who allegedly drug a shark behind their boat and allegedly abused

Volleyball Pre-Season is a Go!

New school year, new faces, and new team. The team added some new faces to the varsity squad this year. Including Jade and Kylie Fayad, Kailee Light, Alexa Beauchamp and Courtney Waldo.  The Tiger’s varsity volleyball kicked off their 2018 season at Bayshore High School in Bradenton, Florida. The pre-season tournament included the Lady Tigers, Bayshore Bruins, Southeast Seminoles,

States Raider Competition

Last weekend the Palmetto High School Mixed team varsity raiders got to participate in the varsity state competition! They placed first in tire flip, fourth on litter Carry, the 5k run, and obstacle course. They also placed fifth in Rope bridge. Overall they placed third in the state. Congratulations to all of our raiders who

Manatee County “WALK IN”

On January 18th and January 25th, frustrated faculty members demonstrated their dissatisfaction of pay changes with a striking entrance onto school campus. Dressed in red, an assembly of teachers sought awareness of their unhappiness with of the School District of Manatee County. Silently they marched onto campus while turning heads in the process, accomplishing their


76.6% Don’t…

Everyone has seen the flyers around campus that read “76.6% Don’t”. They have caused some confusion among Palmettos student body. With the posters failing to say what the 76.6% is, it has caused some students to speculate what that elusive 23.3% really is. “I googled it and thought it had something to do with arson.

work over break

Work Over Winter Break: WHY?

Some teachers must not get the idea of a “holiday break”. Getting assigned homework over holiday breaks is the worst. Students should not have to worry about trying to get homework done while trying to spend time with their family. Procrastination is a big part in students, so that usually means that their waiting till