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Palmetto High Boys Golf District Runner Up

Palmetto High Boys Golf District Runner Up

October 15th, a day that will stand in infamy for the Palmetto High Golf team. The boys took on Mangrove Bay Golf Club as well as countless other teams. This was exciting round for the Tigers because they knew they had a chance to take home a trophy and that’s exactly what they did. Although


Spirit week has officially started with class color day kicking it off. The colors for each class are Freshmen green, Sophomore blue, Juniors, yellow, and Seniors pink. Each class is starting to display spirit by wearing their color. The other upcoming days are “Athletes” VS. “Mathletes” on Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and to end

Speed It Up!!

Public service announcement to all Palmetto students! We have about six minutes to walk to each of our classes, which is cut short by many teachers “working bell to bell” and not letting students pack up early. With these new rules, Palmetto is stricter on being late to your class and teachers are not supposed

An Overtime Thriller in Palmetto! Palmetto Tigers VS Manatee Hurricanes

The Palmetto Tigers took on our Cross River Rivals, the Manatee Hurricanes, on August 30th, 2019. Weather was a huge impact on the game, with lightning delaying the game for 1 hour. Even after the long wait, fans were still hungry to stay and cheer our Tigers on. The first half was slow with both

Gabriella Tutera, Wrestler On Fire

Palmetto High School has something not many other schools have: a female wrestler. Gabriella Tutera is a sophomore at Palmetto High and had always dreamed of wrestling. Once she reached high school, she decided to turn that dream into a reality. Her father, Gino Tutera, had always been a huge inspiration to her. He competes

An Abundance of Homecoming Representatives

The first meeting for the homecoming representatives kicked of this week with over 40 students running. That’s right out of the 501 seniors and approximately 28 sports and clubs combined, over 40 of those seniors will be showing off their sashes starting October 8th. You will expect to receive tons of flyers to be given