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The Big Bad Musical: Auditions this February!

The Big Bad Musical: Auditions this February!

The Spring play is rolling around the corner, except this time it’s even more special for Palmetto High School. The production will be “The Big Bad Musical”, one about the Big Bad Wolf going to trial for accusations from fable characters like Red Riding Hood. Auditions will be held in the old auditorium right after


A Flashback to Nineties Fashion

While I am in the midst of walking through Palmetto High’s lovely campus, I have been starting to notice and increasing amount of people with black rings around their neck. It has been peaking my interest, so I started to look closer to observe what it is and  it happened to be a choker. Is


Palmetto Football Falls Victim to the Spartans

Last night’s game ended in an unfortunate loss for Palmetto, the final score coming out to 34-31. The St. Pete Lakewood Spartan’s took an immediate lead scoring six points with seven minutes and 38 seconds left in the first quarter. “It was disappointing. Our football team has worked really hard to fix some flaws in


They are casual, cute, and comfortable. Both men and woman can wear them; They come in every size, color, and style. Lumberjacks are not the only ones who rock them anymore. This worldwide trend is now considered a popular fashion statement. A flannel is a kind of soft woven fabric, typically made of wool or


The Return of Forgotten Fashion

Since the 20th century, many different styles have fallen from the fashion industry, but are now being seen more often than ever. The “Hipster Trend”, or the bringing back of old fashion clothing, has made a strong statement lately in today’s society. Freshman Caroline Mercer says, “I prefer wearing high-wasted pants than just regular jeans”.