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Palmetto Football Falls Victim to the Spartans

Last night’s game ended in an unfortunate loss for Palmetto, the final score coming out to 34-31. The St. Pete Lakewood Spartan’s took an immediate lead scoring six points with seven minutes and 38 seconds left in the first quarter. “It was disappointing. Our football team has worked really hard to fix some flaws in

Think Before you Judge the Ink

Nowadays, tattoos and piercings are becoming a pretty popular trend. Many people, the majority being teens, are getting all kinds of piercings and tattoos covering large portions of their bodies. Although a lot of young people are all for these body modifications, there are still a lot of stereotypes against it. Due to these judgments,

Palmetto High School Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion is very important to a vast amount of people around the world. The United States and even  countries such as India and China use fashion to show off creativity and to present culture. To many, fashion may just be pieces of cloth to cover your body, but to others it is a way to


They are casual, cute, and comfortable. Both men and woman can wear them; They come in every size, color, and style. Lumberjacks are not the only ones who rock them anymore. This worldwide trend is now considered a popular fashion statement. A flannel is a kind of soft woven fabric, typically made of wool or

The Return of Forgotten Fashion

Since the 20th century, many different styles have fallen from the fashion industry, but are now being seen more often than ever. The “Hipster Trend”, or the bringing back of old fashion clothing, has made a strong statement lately in today’s society. Freshman Caroline Mercer says, “I prefer wearing high-wasted pants than just regular jeans”.