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Zoey’s Final Blog

Zoey’s Final Blog

Final Blog of My Highschool Career: COVID-19 is officially settling down as businesses begin to open again and people are able to go back to work. Online schooling has been a journey for teachers, students, and parents, as everyone has learned how to work it. Aside from COVID-19 and online schooling, seniors are a little

Zoey’s Blog

Week 3: Day in the Life During Corona It has been awhile since I have written a blog. Today marks week 3 of online schooling and quarantine. So far I have done:  A lot of schoolwork  Made whipped coffee  (the new trend)  Went on many walks  FaceTimed/Zoomed my friends and family  Sang Karaoke with my

Zoey’s Blog

Welcome to day 1: Life During Corona Today marks the first day of school from home. Things were a little different than what I have been use to the past 13 years of my life in schooling. I woke up around 7:30, which is when school would have originally started, however, now we are doing

USF Sends False Acceptance Letters

University of South Florida in St. Petersburg meant to send out 200 acceptance letters for their school, however many more were sent. Instead of only sending out their intended 200 acceptance letters, they sent out 430 due to “human error”. Students who had been anticipating decision day were ecstatic, only to find out that they

Mrs. Bennett Bounces Back (A Road to Recovery)

Palmetto High School has an amazing staff! Amongst the amazing staff are astonishing teachers; one of these teachers being Mrs.Bennett. Velma Bennett is one of Palmetto High’s Social Studies teachers. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with pre-cancer cells. Due to this diagnosis, she was told she’d be receiving surgery. Originally, the surgery was supposed

Palmetto High “Doubles Up” at Districts

The Palmetto Tigers  boys and girls’ tennis teams made their way up to Treasure Cove, St. Petersburg  for a district tournament on  April 17th and 18th. Both teams played high ranking individuals from many different schools and gave their most valiant efforts, but fell just short of making it to regionals. However, three freshmen played

The East Manatee Admiral’s Road To Victory

The East Manatee Admirals, a local competitive hockey league, had an exciting night, Friday, February 16. The team composed of a combination of Lakewood Ranch and Palmetto High School students won the Lightning Cup, the local area championship, beating East Lake 5-3. The Admirals then moved on to the State Championship losing in a shoot-out

Texas School Shooting Allegedly Over Breakup

It was a normal Monday morning in Italy, Texas until something unexpected happened. On January 22, 2018 a shooting occurred at Italy High School. A 16 year old boy walked into the cafeteria early that morning and fire multiple shots from his a.038 caliber semi- automatic handgun at a  15 year old girl. The 15

The Year of the Tiger

It’s November and that means fall sports are back in session! Palmetto High School has a very good sports program and are very excited to get their fall sports back into full swing. Palmetto High’s fall sports consist of both boys and girls basketball, weight lifting, and soccer. This year Palmetto’s weight lifting team has had

NCAA Basketball Dirties Name With ADIDAS Scandal

Global sports marketer for Adidas and four assistant coaches were recently accused and arrested for the act of bribery.  Chuck Person of Auburn University, Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State University, Emanuel Richardson of the  University of Arizona, Anthony Bland of the University of California, and lastly Global Sports Marketer James Gatto were all caught on