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Texas School Shooting Allegedly Over Breakup

Texas School Shooting Allegedly Over Breakup

It was a normal Monday morning in Italy, Texas until something unexpected happened. On January 22, 2018 a shooting occurred at Italy High School. A 16 year old boy walked into the cafeteria early that morning and fire multiple shots from his a.038 caliber semi- automatic handgun at a  15 year old girl. The 15

Amber Highlight

The Year of the Tiger

It’s November and that means fall sports are back in session! Palmetto High School has a very good sports program and are very excited to get their fall sports back into full swing. Palmetto High’s fall sports consist of both boys and girls basketball, weight lifting, and soccer. This year Palmetto’s weight lifting team has had


NCAA Basketball Dirties Name With ADIDAS Scandal

Global sports marketer for Adidas and four assistant coaches were recently accused and arrested for the act of bribery.  Chuck Person of Auburn University, Lamont Evans of Oklahoma State University, Emanuel Richardson of the  University of Arizona, Anthony Bland of the University of California, and lastly Global Sports Marketer James Gatto were all caught on